Friday, 21 October 2016

How to deal with a Break-up?

Breakups are really bad. Whether it is an amicable- breakup or a serious one, where fight is involved, you have invested one part of you into the other person and must accept the fact that a relationship that was once nurtured is now dead and over. Some important studies have shown that the same (regions) of the brain are activated when the addict is going through withdrawals as when a person is going through a bad breakup.

Here are a few things you can do to get on the break up.

·         Block them from almost everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, be it Snapchat or even from your phone contacts, unfollow him/her on Tumblr.

·         Stay away from social media, you’re never going to miss out on much on these social media sites, never post about the status on relationship if you are on those sites it will only make you feel worse. it’ll make you sneak where you should not be and through making emotional posts which will embarrass you in the future. In addition, nobody wants to be the insane bitch who logs to their ex’s accounts because they keep in mind a password; it’s likely to accomplish nothing but shame. Like calling your exes from the landline; I know you have the number memorized but you will have to get over them.

·         Call your trusted and wiser confidant who usually seems to know the right things to say-.Tell them what happened and if needed cry out; they will help you to feel a lot better and remind you of your worth through other’s eye when you can’t see it yourself. Let yourself loose and permit yourself to go through the five phases of grief (denial, frustration, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance) without the risk of going away like loose cannon in public areas. Turn your house into an individual love detox center filled up with cheesy heart break songs accompanied by empowering songs with choreographed dances. Then after the mourning time is over, choose yourself up and re-enter the real world.

·         Be aware of what you are feeling and learn to recognize your own self-worth.

Start off living life by loving yourself more than before. This way life will be a lot better.